Cat Food

When it comes to cats it is just as important to feed a premium cat food as to feed your dog a premium dog food. Premium cat foods generally provide higher quality ingredients and much better nutrition for your cat.

Premium cat foods are usually more densely packed with nutrients and calories when compared to economy brand cat foods. With better ingredients and nutrients premium cat foods aid in better digestion and contribute greatly to your cats over all health. Cats generally will eat as much or as little as they need to get sufficient nutrients, however it is advised to feed your cat in smaller portions making it easier to digest and your cat will be less likely to gain extra weight.

All pet foods across the board vary in the ingredients that are used between bags. However, when feeding your cat premium cat food you will get more consistency between bags. Many premium brands pride their reputation on consistency and quality which make them a safer bet that you’re getting a high quality product every time.

A cat’s nutritional needs, much like a dog are based on age, physicality, activity level, environment and temperament. Your premium cat foods generally will contain higher quality protein sources, added antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and will exclude the use of artificial dyes. As with any pet, if you’re unsure what is best to feed your pet, please contact your veterinarian.

What should you be looking for when choosing your premium cat food? Generally you need to provide your cats with these three basic nutritional needs

  1. Protein from meat, fish or poultry
  2. Certain other vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, enzymes and Taurine, an essential amino acid
  3. Water

Cats are carnivores and must have meat in their diets to maintain proper health. Many cat foods use products like grain and rice as carbohydrate fillers. Cats need very little carbohydrates in their diet, this is why in premium cat foods you will find less filler product than economy brand cat food. This use of carbohydrate fillers in economy cat food, leaves cats without the proper protein they need in their diet so cats typically eat much more economy food than they would a premium protein rich cat food. The continued feeding of economy cat foods over a period of time will contribute to or could even cause medical conditions that may require expensive veterinary care.

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